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Watch manuals can be found in multiple languages here

U.S. Customers: We offer a Two Year Warranty on all purchases made from July 1st, 2017. Any purchases made prior to July 1st, 2017 hold a 10 Year Limited Warranty.

In the event of a defect or malfunction within the warranty period from date of purchase, your watch will be repaired or replaced, at our option.

The limited warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, abuse or water damage and excludes batteries, case, strap, or bracelet; does not cover costs, parts or labor, shipping & handling, defects or damage caused by any source other than GUESS Watches.

Proof of purchase is required for all Warranty Repairs.

If you live in the us for more information at

For International Customers: please contact your Local Representative  for Country Specific warranty information

Your GUESS or your Gc watch is covered by an international guarantee against any manufacturing defects for a period of 24-months from the date of purchase.

Any part found to be defective within this period will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

The GUESS & Gc Watches international guarantee certificate does not cover defects arising from damage, mishandling, incorrect or abusive use (knocks, crushing, moisture in the case of non water-resistant watches), alteration or repairs not performed by an authorized GUESS or Gc Watches retailer.

Always have your watch checked, serviced and repaired by a GUESS or Gc Agent to maintain your guarantee.

GUESS & Gc Watches has a limitation on purchases. No more than 5 pieces are allowed for purchase per order. Please contact customer service if you have any questions on this policy at

Watches will withstand Water Resistance if the crystal, crown, push buttons, case and gaskets remain intact. Care and safety: Do NOT operate crown or buttons when watch is wet or submerged.

A hard knock might cause the watch to lose its water-resistance without you realizing it. Therefore, if you plan to use your watch under water, it is essential to have the water-resistance checked at least every 12 months. If the case has to be opened for any reason, ask your GUESS or Gc agent to check the waterproof seals for the case back glass and crown, and replace them if necessary.

We strongly recommend that you purchase your GUESS or your Gc watch from an authorised retailer. On the one hand, you will avoid being confronted with the harsh reality of having bought a “stolen” or “counterfeit” watch; and, on the other, you will enjoy the certainty of benefiting from the best service.

GUESS & Gc Watches are available in GUESS Retail locations as well as in department and specialty stores around the world. Please use our Global Representative list to find a location near you.

Any of our authorised Retailers will be happy to order a specific model if you have its reference number. Please consult our authorised retailers list to find the nearest GUESS or Gc Watches retailer. Global Contacts

Please download our instruction manual to read all information about how a GUESS or a Gc watch works.
User Manuals

Battery life may vary between 2 to 4 years, depending on the model and the way your watch is used. Most of our quartz watches equipped with a centre seconds-hand have an end-of-life battery warning system (EOL). Approximately two weeks before the end of the battery-life, the centre seconds-hand jumps every four seconds to signal that the battery is running low. When this happens, replace the battery immediately. A dead battery inside the watch might damage the movement.

The battery contains a small amount of mercury. Please recycle or dispose of properly.

If your watch breaks, or if you need a battery replaced, you can download and complete this form and send it to be repaired (U.S. ONLY).
If you live outside the U.S., please refer to the Global Contacts tab for your countries' After Sales Service contact details.

The most common materials used in GUESS & Gc Watches are stainless steel, silicone or genuine leather straps.

Gc also offers high-tech ceramics.

Wearing: It is preferable to avoid wearing your GUESS or Gc Watches watch to the beach, or to play extreme sports, so as to avoid knocking or scratching them. Repeated contact with perfumes, cosmetics, or household detergents may damage your timepiece.

Regarding ceramics for Gc: this material is scratch-resistant. The only way they can be scratched is if a harder substance such as a diamond scratches them or they can break if they fall on a hard surface like concrete or marble. Please avoid dropping or knocking Gc ceramic styles that feature ceramic or damage may result.

Use a soft tissue to clean the case and crystal of your timepiece.
If the case and crystal look very dirty, use a soft tissue dipped in soapy water.

Do Not
Do not clean a leather strap with anything other than clean water.
Never use chemical products like petroleum spirits to clean your timepiece.

Our smartwatches are no longer available for purchase on If you would like to purchase a charger for a Connect Smartwatch you already own, please contact for assistance.

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