Euphoric & Mesmerizing



GUESS Watches creates a unique aesthetic to fit your fashion fantasy. The signature iridescent plating is coupled with oversized cases with stone studded bezels, cut thru dial detailing, mesh straps and glitzed out dials. 

GUESS Watches Iridescent Collection


  • GW0559L3 FANTASIA alternate image
    GUESS Ladies Iridescent Multi-function Watch
    38 mm Iridescent /Iridescent
  • GW0546L3 40780878217259 primary image
    GUESS Ladies Iridescent Analog Watch
    32 mm Iridescent /Iridescent

Playful iridescent-plating & unique pops of color to brighten your wrist.

GUESS Watches Iridescent Collection

Complete your look with this collection and shine, shimmer and sparkle all season long! 





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