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Winter Glee

Though I must say I am not a big fan of the winter, it is the season I have been trying to postpone since the beginning of Fall, I must say there are some things that bring me so much joy while thinking of Winter.

Next to endless reruns of Holiday classics on TV, hot chocolate milk and even snow, one of the best things about the Holidays are the special Holiday outfits you are allowed to wear. These are the special pieces in your wardrobe that will only come out maybe once or twice a year.

casualchic (1)


To get you excited for the Holidays, I spiced up my everyday look to make it more Holiday appropriate. Thanks to my Brown Rigor watch from Guess’ “The Rigor Collection”, I am able to switch easily between styles and create the bold and cool look I am striving for.

casualchic (2)

For this look I went for the casual chic look. Easy to wear with a hint of Holidays, the perfect combination between sporty and dressed up.