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Weekend Watching in Russia

My workdays are very eventful and active. This is why I feel strongly inclined to gather energy for further achievements at the weekend. What aids me in it? Look for the answer in this article.

I am sure nothing can inspire a person as strongly as a family and creativity. If your job is related to creative work (like it is in my case), the main constituent of rest lies in looking for inspiration and new ideas. It is extremely important to spend some spare time with your favorite people who will always support you in any situation.

Since most of my articles are devoted to fashion, I am used to looking for encouragement in lifestyle magazines and books. I also go shopping and watch old movies. In some cases a Hitchcock character can provide you with more original ideas for looks and contributions than modern fashion mongers.  Do you remember Ornella Muti’s magnificent blue dress in ‘The Taming of the Obstinate’ where Adriano Celentano played the male lead?  This mullet blue dress is indeed actual and right-on. It’s also worth mentioning Brigitte Bardot’s sacks worn in ‘And God Created Woman’ and clothes with stripes in ‘Contempt’. In addition, the spirit in these movies cannot be caught in everyday life. Nevertheless it gives me a smile and a desire to try something new. For example, it is a good idea to put on a cocktail necklace in the daytime underneath a white working shirt. Or I can try on a working dress, which is ‘in’ at the moment. Being dressed in this, it will be pleasant to drink a cup of coffee with friends after an interview.

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Speaking of coffee, I have a passion for cappuccino. I even named my personal blog after this wonderful drink. My husband and I like to spend a Sunday afternoon in a café enjoying the cheerful conversation with a cup of fragrant cappuccino. This drink gives me languor. It is then when my favorite male elements in clothing can pale into insignificance and give way to a desire to choose, for example, the most romantic rosy hair ornament.

Speaking of jewelry, I don’t like things that attract all the attention in a look. On the contrary, what I like to wear should be in harmony with my silhouette and outfit color. For instance, my favorite GUESS watch is not only a secure mechanism of measuring time, but it is also one of my most preferable accessories. The watch wonderfully suits both the office wear and outer clothing. Sometimes I use it for the sake of solidity. Being seen under the jacket, it looks quite presentable. In other cases, the watch accentuates my femininity glancing pleasantly on my delicate wrist.

Guess Watches

My weekend is also the time I devote to my beloved husband. It’s when I can afford such luxury as spending time with him doing nothing. This is when a girl inside me (there is a girl inside every woman) screams with laughter. I gain new energy from the bottom of my soul. That is when I wish to create. During these days I can sit around cutting up my favorite magazines, making amateur sketches and, of course, writing which I like most of all.

Guess Watches

And only after that, getting up on Monday, I feel incredible power and inspiration.