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Summer Menswear in Canada

Living through Canadian weather is tough in the winter months, but can
be really unpredictable in summer as well. The highs and lows in any
given month can waver from below 10ºC (50ºF) to upwards of 40ºC
(104ºF) and above. I try to never complain about the weather but am
secretly a wuss when it comes to breezy, chilled summer days. So to
avoid complaining too much and whimpering like a babe, I simply throw
on a lightweight sweater to contest the cold. I can’t control the
weather, but I can control my wardrobe.

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When shopping for a lightweight knit I checked out the cotton options,
wool, alpaca, and man made synthetics but found them all lacking.
Cotton is often knitted too thinly and alpaca can be scratchy and
uncomfortable (especially since it’s summer and I want to wear the
knit with nothing underneath. The man-made synthetics just don’t
breathe and so I was left looking for something else. Lightweight

Cashmere breathes like light knit cotton but has a warmth that
envelops you when a light breeze tries to pilfer your heat. Not all
cashmere is as soft as the next so you really have to shop for it and
find the right blend but the key to a great cashmere is to do a simple
softness test. By rubbing the cashmere on the inside of our forearm
you will see in a quick second how comfortable it will feel against
your skin. This way you can wear just the sweater in the dead of
summer and not want to scratch your flesh off. Remember, more
expensive cashmere does not equal a softer knit.

GUESS Watches, W0076G4

I like to pair my near weightless cashmere with a rolled up skinny
dress pant in a lighter weight, and finish the look with sockless
loafers and a layered watch look with matching necklace. When wearing
cashmere you immediately bump your look up a notch because of the
distinct softness that can be seen (and more importantly felt) when it
comes to the luxurious knit. It’s subtle but opulent, deluxe but

Photos by Matthew St. James