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Styling a Night Out

As I wake up, tired from the night before, half asleep and half wondering why time seems to just disappear when you sleep. I find my thoughts trapped between day and night, floating through why early morning seems like an endless universe of unconnected dots.

While drinking a chilled strawberry and orange juice beverage, I listen to the inspiring lyrics from ‘Y I Do’ by Zebra Katz. The song reminds me that it is alright not to have a ´big´ plan in life. Dream big and as long as you do the things you like and follow your ambitions and heart, you are going to be a fortunate person.

GUESS Watches, W0176G1

While I lost track of time, all wrapped up in my own little universe, I looked down to find my black GUESS Watch, kindly reminding me that time isn’t endless… and that I should probably quickly finish my drink and start preparing myself for another fun night out.

While going out at night brings me great relief after a hard day of work or studying, preparing to go out occasionally feels a bit stressful. The right outfit choice seems to be a big problem with many and, unfortunately, I am no exception.  What I have learned is that while you are preparing for a night out, you not only transform outfit-wise, you also have to change your mind set to be able to select the right look.

GUESS Watches, W0176G1

For a successful outfit, the key is to think big and run with it. At night, you get the chance to experiment with fashion and showcase bold wardrobe items. Bold accessories are a great way to spice up your daytime look instantly without having to change into a different outfit. If you´re going out after work, you can easily bring some statement accessories with you and add them to your look before going out. That way you drastically change your look, preparing you for an exciting night out.

No matter what you wear, make sure to wear the items with confidence. After all it’s your personality that is the best accessory.

“I don’t know why I do it, Why I do the things I do, I don’t know why I do it, I’m just doing me boo, You should go and do you too” Zebra Katz – ‘Y I DO’

Photos by Tessa Bosma