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Spring Time Plaid In Canada

Spring Is Officially Here and Plaid Is Where It’s At

Whether you’re from the fields of Scotland and have your own family tartan or just a Saturday Shopper at your local mall, plaids are one of the best ways to take an outfit from meager to intrepid in a hot second. It’s all about the intersection of hue and saturation. An intense hue which peaks high on the wavelength spectrum like violet and blue pairs nicely with some lower wavelength colors like red or orange. When you mix these colors it creates a pretty cool addition to an outfit or even within a tartan.

Mark St. James Canada

But enough about science, let’s dig deep into the saturation of your life! A rich bold life filled with family, friends and a healthy soul is the most important thing. Of course fashion bleeds into life to make sure you have a dense saturation in your outfit. If you’ve ever used Photoshop or any photo editing software (including Instagram), you’ll know that the saturation tool takes all the colors and brightens them up. I like to shop for clothing with the saturation tool turned way up, especially for spring. Look for lighter colors that are popped out. Just be careful when mixing colors. Don’t end up looking like a bouquet… or a clown.

Mark St. James Canada

I took this bright shirt, with it’s steroidal plaid and paired it with pants that were muted in comparison. I reasoned with my inner desire for adventurous colors and toned down the outfit so as not to scare small children… or attract them.

Mark St. James Canada

Mark St. James Canada

Either way… it’s all about a raving mad plaid and like I said before, if you’re looking for a spring time favorite, a grab and go shirt that will keep you cool in the heat but looking hot. Pick up some plaid, wear it out, and call it a day.

What I’m Wearing

Plaid shirt by H&M
Watch by Guess
Pants by H&M
Necklace by Tiffany & Co.
Belt by Hermes
Shoes by Converse

Images by Matthew St. James