GUESS Access

Rainy Day Style in the USA

When a rainy day comes along in NYC, it can be difficult to maintain a “need to look cute” mentality.  All I’m usually concerned about is how I’m going to juggle all of my belongings AND an umbrella.  Oh yeah, and how I’m going to stay dry – because once that wind hits, my umbrella becomes pretty useless ;)


Although accessorizing top to bottom may not be a big priority, throwing one fun and eclectic piece of jewelry on to brighten an otherwise dreary day is.  This Guess Watch is the perfect way to bring a little excitement to your everyday casual wear.

I wear it here with a slouchy beanie, comfy T-shirt dress, pleather jacket, super comfy leggings and moto boots.

blue, gold, ladies watch, Ava Improta, USA

Ava’s Rainy Day Style


Although this watch is extremely versatile and can be worn at night, I prefer to let it be the standout piece for my daytime look!

blue, gold, ladies watch, Ava Improta, USA


One of my favorite ways to spend my time on a rainy day is tucked in a cozy coffee shop and enjoying a coconut milk latte, where I can relax and unwind.

blue, gold, ladies watch, Ava Improta, USA

How do you like to spend your rainy days?