GUESS Access

Marquis of Fashion

Today I had the amazing surprise of opening a gift from Guess which contained the sleek black watch known as the Marquis… Lol just kidding, but it’s known as Style U12557G1. The black dress watch is comfortable on the wrist and looks like something James Bond would wear. The black stainless steel watch is a reflection of the seductive night and the strength of traditional elegant pieces.

Since New Years is fast approaching I thought it would be a good idea to dress up a little and have a fun New Years shoot. Racing to the top of building to reach a rooftop party is exactly what this style is all about. I have BIG plans for New Years and it definitely involves a rooftop and some glitter… and champagne. You can also bet I’ll be wearing my new Guess watch.


Although New Years is always about embracing things you love about yourself, and letting go of some other… not so wonderful habits, this year… remember to always keep your chin up, your mind focused, and your heart open. That is the best advice I can give you. And if your year begins on a different date, then I still hope this for you because these attributes are fantastic any day of the year.


On a more “fun” note… remember to always look at yourself in the mirror ‘one more time’ before heading out. Sometimes you’ll remember that thing that you actually need like your wallet or phone, while other times, you’ll notice that clump of hair on your sweater that just magically appeared there. For me, when I looked at myself before these pics were taken, my jacket was a hot mess of wrinkled wool! It took some serious work to steam out those wrinkles but as you can tell… it was worth it. So always look once more, before you close the door.


In this photo shoot I’m wearing a Guess watch, Theory blazer, H&M X Margiela button-down shirt, Viktor & Rolf pocket square, and no pants… JK I’m wearing Naked and Famous denim, an Hermes belt, and Gucci patent leather sneakers.

Photos by: Matthew St. James