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Irresistible Iridescence Manicure Tutorial

Iridescent rose gold is a beautiful look that is light and fun to wear during the day, and glamorous enough for a night on the town.  I was really inspired by the rose gold color of Monroe’s watch, along with the gorgeous bouquet of crystals that gives the look a super feminine touch of iridescence.  We created a nude nail with a rose gold sparkle ombré, which you can create at home for a fun daytime look that will take you into evening.

Prep nail by filing, pushing back cuticle and lightly buffing and cleaning surface of nail with remover to help nail polish last longer.

Use a base coat, like Essie’s ‘First Base’, to protect nail and help polish adhere.

Add a first coat of neutral polish.  For Monroe, we used Essie’s ‘Sugar Daddy’. Apply a second coat of the same color polish and let dry for 5 minutes.

Take your rose gold sparkle and start 3 quarters of the way up the nail and apply sparingly. Let dry for 1 minute. Take sparkles again starting half way down and apply sparkles using a more generous coat. Let dry for 2 minutes. Take your sparkles for the last time and start at the free edge of nail and add generous coat. Let dry for 3 minutes.

Apply a top coat, like Ruffian’s ‘Varnish’, to add shine and ensure a lasting wear. Let it dry thoroughly and enjoy your unique look.

Expert tip: Re-apply your top coat 2 days after your manicure to ensure a longer lasting wear.

Nail Artist: Cheryl Natoli

Model/Blogger: Monroe Steele

Hair & Make-Up: DD Nickel

Music: Kromatiks – ‘Status Fear’

Cinematography & Edit: Mike Osaer