GUESS Access

Functional Fashion for Men

A dapper outfit will never be complete without an amazing watch, which doesn’t just telling the time as its function, but also finishes a look. Since my style is chic, edgy and classy, this blue GUESS Watch really makes my outfit stand out. The shade of electrifying blue, re-energized textures and treatments will have me rocking out to the sound of a stylish beat.

GUESS Watches, W0041G2

I think men should be more conscious of what they wear and careful when picking the perfect wardrobe. People will always stare, so make it worth their while.

GUESS Watches, W0041G2

I started with a navy dress shirt from GUESS by Marciano that really matches the shade of the watch, paired with my black skinny jeans, a grey belt and pair of brogue shoes. On top of that, a well tailored blazer, along with my GUESS bag. You will always look dapper by keeping it simple and minimalist.