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Denim on Denim in Hong Kong

Here in Hong Kong, denim has always been one of people’s favorite staples. Be it jeans, shorts, shirts or jackets, it is easy for someone to find something for them regardless of what shape or size you are. For me, the go-to is definitely a perfectly washed denim shirt used both as a jacket on a light autumn afternoon or tied round the waist for a more trimmed silhouette.

Although you might think that one shade of denim on each outfit is perhaps enough, why not try to show our favourite fabric some more love? Let’s take on this challenge together, how far can you go with denim?

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I’ve got two outfits that I’ve put together. The first is just a simple stonewashed denim shirt in a darker shade paired with a pair of grey jeggings that’s also stonewashed. Both stonewashed? Yes! The trick here is to break the two apart with the hint of pink poking out (a t-shirt). Button the shirt all the way to the top for a menswear inspired look and finish the look with a pair of sleek pointed loafers.

The second outfit is definitely the most denim I’ve ever worn at one go. Start off with the same bright t-shirt and a skater skirt for a girly look, then layer on a lighter denim shirt on top and tie it around the waist to accentuate your shape. Finally, hang an oversized heavy denim jacket over your shoulders and pop your inner shirt collar up. Kick the macho-ness up a notch with some army boots like me, or just pair it with a pair of girly flats or heels to show off them legs!

GUESS Watches, W0247G3

But girls (and boys), don’t forget about accessories! They make the biggest difference to any look. I’m huge on oversize and menswear inspired things this season so popping on the navy and rose gold GUESS arm candy was definitely the perfect finishing touch for me. Add some chunky metallic bracelets and I’m ready to hit the streets!

GUESS Watches, W0247G3

Now it’s time for you to shop your wardrobe and get creative. What can you come up with when you think denim on denim?!