GUESS Access

Affordable Style in Canada

I always enjoy being stylish on a budget. I thought I’d nail two trends with this look:  a denim shirt I picked up for $39.00 CAD paired with a short, slim chino at $29.00 CAD. I also thought to cap this look off with black accents to ground everything and have a solid base to work with.

GUESS Watches

A denim shirt is rugged, but the GUESS watch I wore was the real rugged piece. It is almost biker in design yet has a polished smoothness to it that dressed up the black rubber strap and helped to give my look a refined edge.

GUESS Watches
You can get the look easily by making sure the denim shirt is comfortable, making sure the pants are slim and rolled to the right spot (just above the ankle), and most importantly make sure your accessories are grounding. I definitely could have gone a chocolate brown route with the watch and sandals, but black is a little more urban and I wanted to avoid looking like a tourist in my own city.