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Adventurous Style in the Netherlands


What do you do on those days during the holiday that are not that eventful. For me the best way to kill time is to go out into the world and explore! We all did it quite often as children but most of us sadly stopped putting on those adventurous shoes while growing up. A pity, the best thing about exploring your neighborhood is the fact that it will give you an insight into all those things that are so close to you. Yet left undiscovered until that moment you come across them.

For me it is very important to be well prepared and dress practical while exploring. Attention to details as a must. Therefore, as we are always keeping an eye on time, it’s very important to have a solid and water proof watch. Just in case you stumble upon the most beautiful beach ever and it calls for you to dive into it. Although this might be a bit of an unlikely event, at least I will know that my watch will be resistant to water. Especially when it suddenly starts to rain or even potential dust that can get in your watch and affect your watch’s mechanics.


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The stylish silver watch perfectly manages to be all of the above. It also manages to look cool without showing off too much.  Making you ready to go out and explore the world… but let’s first start with your own neighborhood.